Douglas Road, Poole, BH12 2AU, UK

Street Level

The Heart of the Issue is the Issue of the Heart (Rev Steve Sheppard)

Street Level is the name of the project centered around our refurbished bus that we use to extend a helping hand towards the young, the old, the vulnerable, the marginalized in society and those who find themselves homeless on the street.

The bus is a converted Leyland Daf Mobile Library vehicle that has been especially modified to accommodate our outreach within the local community. The interior was predominantly designed, fabricated and fitted by a local artist John Banks and also volunteers from the Water’s Edge Church with AMEC carrying out the professional paint and bodywork to a high standard.

The flexibility in the design allows us to use the bus as a means of support for disadvantaged children and youth on local housing estates, the homeless, and community fun events.

‘My dream is to see the vision of Street Level replicated in many other villagers, towns and cities across the nation by people who have a passion to serve their communities and a desire to demonstrate God’s love.’ Rev Steve Sheppard BA (Hons)

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